Alex Angelo is a talented singer, songwriter, dancer, music producer, and DJ. Born in Fort Myers, Florida, Alex was raised in Ohio. Within a couple years, Alex opened up and toured with several musical artists, including Justin Bieber, Pitbull, Carly Rae Jepsen, Austin Mahone, Hoodie Allen, and many more talented artists. Releasing his debut EP This Is The Beginning in 2014, Alex attracted a lot of listeners from across the globe. With more than 4.7 Million views and more than 30,000 subscriber

Kidmograph Directs Video For ‘Deep Blue’

The duo – Tyler Lyle and Tim McEwan who goes by the name, The Midnight recently dropped their new single “Deep Blue” from their upcoming album, “Monsters” which will be dropping on all streaming platforms on 10th July. The song started with a blissful mix of the vocals on the melody of the song. The song had an aesthetic vibe till the very end. The chords appeared to be giving a very energetic feel and the drop synth definitely elevated it to the very next level. The music made the listeners

Conversation with the talented Samira Koppikar

Making her debut as a music composer with the song “Maati Ka Palang” for the film NH10, this artist is already on the path to fame. Samira Koppikar has her talent spread out to not only singing but composing, music directing and songwriting as well. Starting out her career as recording for advertising jingles, Samira’s life took a turn when she decided to hop on the music industry. Samira has so far released songs that have gained millions of views. It took her no time to gain thousands of list

Don't Have Plans For New Year? Don't Worry These 6 Shows Will Help You Celebrate A Wonderful New Year!

"Could I be any more obvious?" Friends has been a wildly loved television series for a long time and is still being streamed by millions of people. So if you want your new year to be filled with sarcasm and love from all of chandler's adorableness, F.R.I.E.N.D.S is the show for you! Also if you'll start Season 8 Episode 8 at 11:52:09pm exactly, you'll hear Phoebe say "I have a unicorn baptism and a leprechaun bar mitzvah!" What a way to start 2020!

5 Non Profit Organizations You Need To Support Today!

Founded by Shankar Singh Rajput, Vrikshit Foundation aims to seek people with an ambitious desire to make it's country clean. Founded in India, Vrikshit Foundation is spreading its branch all over the country. Vrikshit Foundation currently seeks members to help them with their clean drives where they visit an area that has been left to trashes and all the members work together to clean it. Don't live in where Vrikshit doesn't have a branch yet? Don't worry! You can still support them with onli

Conversation with an Upcoming Artist: Conrad Ashton

With around 4,000 monthly Spotify listeners, this artist has recently released his new single “Time” which gained over a thousand streams within the first twenty four hours. If you’re a fan of modern rock music, then Conrad Ashton is exactly the right artist to follow! Having released some phenomenal tracks such as Anna Jean, Monday Morning, It’s All In My Head, Imagine A Man, Straight to the Man,The Bridge and It’s Called Love along with several other melodious songs, Conrad is already on the

Conversation with an Upcoming Artist: Souvenir

Hailing from Cape Code, Massachusetts, this 24 year old artist recently released his new single “This is not an Exit” on May 22nd. Having more than 500 monthly listeners on his Spotify channel, Michael Fenuccio who professionally goes by the name Souvenir is an artist to follow! He alongside producer Andrew Novoa released their debut EP, “Neon Dreams” on June 23rd, 2017. As a gay artist, Souvenir draws inspiration from talented artists such as Troye Sivan, George Michael and MUNA. His latest so

Conversation with an Upcoming Band: Crocodyle

Previously known as “Hux & the Hitmen,” this band is currently under the spotlight for their new ep- Party Jam. The band Crocodyle consists of the members- Huxley Rittman, Hays Thompson and Victor Pacek. With around 5,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Crocodyle is a 21st century rock and roll band inspired by 60s garage bands, 70s hard rock, a little bit of 80s flair, and a bunch of 90s angst. Their talent led them to become one of the verified artists on Spotify. Within sometime, Crocodyle gai

Conversation with an Upcoming Band: Tropidelic

Hailing from Ohio, this band recently released their new single titled Snowman featuring Dirty Heads. Tropidelic is a six member band originating from Ohio. The members include- Bobby Chronic, Derek McBryde, James Begin, Matthew Roads, Pags and Rex Larkman. With around 300,000 monthly listeners, Tropidelic is a band worth listening to! Their sound blends into diverse genres including Rock, Hip-Pop, Funk and Reggae. The band came into existence in 2008 and since then is on the path to success. I
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